Does the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year make you want to hop the next train out of town?

Make memories instead of resentments. Breathe a sigh of relief instead of holding your breath until it's over.


Wondering what it would look like and feel like to actually enjoy your holiday season?

Start here.

Your Holiday Emotional Survival Guide

> Learn how to manage overwhelming expectations that come with the holiday season to increase joy and decrease disappointment


> Get a handle on the grief and loss that the holidays inevitably bring up so they don't completely take you out.


> Learn how to deal with loneliness when everyone else seems like they're frolicking through a Hallmark Movie


>Know how to address the family drama with a plan so you're prepared and not caught off guard.


The way you deal with family dynamics and drama

Know what to say to address difficult situations



What to do about your loneliness

How to deal with your grief


Your time

Your expectations